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Dalton Jacobs

Field Staff

      Dalton, aka D-Man, is a Ravenna, Michigan native as well.  At the age of ten, Brandon and Dalton found friendship through their passion for the outdoors. Since then, they have been mastering trout fishing across the state of Michigan, along with fishing all species on many of the inland lakes.

      Aside from fishing, hunting is a year-round hobby of Dalton's. From deer season in the fall, predator and small game hunting during the winter, and varmint hunting in the spring and summer months, not many days go by that Dalton does not have a gun in hand. He is known for his precise shooting skills. If Brandon has a predator come into his call, Dalton doesn't miss very often.

      Dalton is also a big Detroit Lions fan.  If he is unable to hunt or fish, he enjoys going to games or watching them on TV.  He also enjoys snowmobiling when he is not shooting coyotes or ice fishing.




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