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Brandon Nutt


Owner / Host / Producer

     Whether it be on the river steelhead fishing, in a tree deer hunting, or on the edge of a field coyote hunting, Brandon has spent the majority of his life outdoors.  Thanks to hundreds of trips with family and friends, he has gained a diverse knowledge of nature making him the successful outdoorsman he is today.

     Brandon loves steelhead fishing, predator hunting, trapping, and turkey hunting the most. He takes pride in outsmarting some of the most intelligent animals in the woods by luring them into his traps or snares. 

     As a young child raised in Ravenna, Michigan, Brandon knew he wanted to be on TV sharing his outdoor adventures with the world. Over several years, Brandon has learned how challenging it is to capture his adventures through a video camera. On this journey, there have been numerous highs and lows, but Brandon is ready to make these dreams of sharing the outdoors come true.

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